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Edge Mirror, Oak

Edge Mirror, Oak

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Round mirror glass with a frame of solid oak wood. The geometric frame adds a sharp, graphic touch to your home. The four wallmounts on the backside, gives you the opportunity of hanging
the timeless mirror in four different directions. The perfect choice for the ever-changing home. Combine multiple mirrors for a playful expression.
Screws are not included.


B: 64 cm x D: 1,5 cm x H: 58 cm


Oak, mirror glass

Product care

Keep your oak frame looking good as new with simple dusting, or a light wiping with a cloth or paper towel that is slightly dampened with water. Always follow the wood grains and dry the wood with a soft dry cloth immediately after cleaning.

Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and excessive scrubbing. We recommend to spray glass cleaner directly on a cloth and then wipe down the mirror, instead of spraying the mirror directly to protect the wooden frame. Frames that exhibit damage from harsh cleaners or scrubbing will not be covered by our guarantee.

Avoid use of abrasive cleaning agents and aggressive cleaning detergents as this will damage the surface of the wood. Avoid placing wooden furniture in direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity as it can cause the wood to change appearance.

Handmade product

The mirror is put together by hand.

As wood is a natural material, differences in colour, texture and general appearance must be expected. Natural materials like oak wood change and develope over time, which can cause the structure of the wood to change. Therefore wooden products are rarely completely straight and might bend to a lesser degree.

Country of origin


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Blålilla Crooked glasfad, grøn Icon lysestage 02, beige Lake keramikskål og blå Cloud glasvase - Stences

Long-lasting designs

When we develop products, it is always with durability in focus. For example, we work exclusively in long-lasting materials such as glass, ceramics, steel and oak, all of which have an almost lifetime-long lifespan. The design itself is also developed, so that each product can be toned down according to how your personal style, which usually develops over the years.

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