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Bubble Sphere Candlestick, pink

Bubble Sphere Candlestick, pink

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The pastel pink Bubble Sphere Candlestick is an elegant addition to your home. Crafted from exquisite crystal glass, the candleholder encapsulate the essence of being whimsy and playful. The enchanting bubble shape adds a touch of delightful charm to any space, creating a captivating visual experience.

Goes perfectly together with the Bubble Candlestick.

CAUTION: Crystal glass can act like a magnifying glass. Therefore, be cautious with strong direct sunlight to avoid nearby objects catching fire. Always blow out the candle before it burns all the way down to the glass, as the glass might crack due to the heat.


B10 x D10 x H6 cm


Crystal glass

Product care

Handmade product

Lysestagen er håndsamlet, hvorfor der kan forekomme mindre forskelle i udtrykket. De små forskelle i placering af glaskuglerne er med til at gøre hver eneste lysestage unik. Da krystalglasset er spraymalet, kan der forekomme uregelmæssigheder i farven. Disse ses typisk ikke på lidt afstand.

Country of origin


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Blålilla Crooked glasfad, grøn Icon lysestage 02, beige Lake keramikskål og blå Cloud glasvase - Stences

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When we develop products, it is always with durability in focus. For example, we work exclusively in long-lasting materials such as glass, ceramics, steel and oak, all of which have an almost lifetime-long lifespan. The design itself is also developed, so that each product can be toned down according to how your personal style, which usually develops over the years.

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