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Our online stock sale gives you the chance to help us reduce waste. Save lots of money on products with minor defects such as tiny scratches or unevennesses, which you probably won't notice anyway.

NB: Stock sale products cannot be returned.

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At Stences we always do our best to avoid waste. Packaging is always recyclable and we reuse it as much as possible. We absolutely hate to throw away good products just because they have a tiny scratch or other defect. Therefore we have now opened our ONLINE STOCK SALE for a limited period. Here you can purchase 2nd quality products and samples, which are all beautiful products with charming flaws. They may not be perfect enough to stand on the shelves in stores, but we can almost guarantee, that you will not notice the small defects from a bit of distance.


In recent years, brightly colored vases and candlesticks in expressive shapes have been extremely popular, and we understand why. When the sunlight hits a colorful glass vase on the windowsill, it creates a very special atmosphere that decorates the home. A glass vase is of course beautiful with a large bouquet of flowers, but we also make a lot of effort to design products that function as decorative objects in themselves. Therefore, you do not need to hide your empty vase or candlestick away when they are not in use.


Behind every ceramic vase, ceramic bowl or ceramic candlestick is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship. All of our ceramic products are handmade and therefore each have their own little unique differences in glaze, texture and shape. Organic shapes are our absolute love when it comes to ceramics, but you can also experience simpler, graphically inspired shapes.


It's no secret that we try to create eye-catching home products that can bring joy to your home. Contrasts are one of our keywords, and we are not afraid to challenge classic Nordic design. Materials such as oak, steel, ceramics and glass are in themselves full of contrasts - and they will last more or less a lifetime if you take good care of them.