• Cleaning of wood

    Wooden surfaces can be cleaned using a cloth that has been wrung out firmly in lukewarm water with a suitable mild detergent. The surface is then thoroughly dried so that you avoid leaving the product in a damp state.

    We recommend avoiding cleaning agents that contain chlorine, brown soap or salmiak, as substances such as these can have a corrosive effect. Do not use solvents such as e.g. turpentine, alcohol, acetone etc

  • Mirror cleaning

    Cleaning any mirror surfaces can be advantageously done using household alcohol on a cotton swab. Be careful that this does not touch the wooden frame.

    Alternatively, you can use window cleaner, which is sprayed directly onto the mirror. Wipe afterwards with a dry microfiber cloth.

  • Useful knowledge

    Wood is a material from nature, which is why there will be natural differences in appearance and colour. Natural materials such as wood work over time and can give, which can contribute to a changed structure. Therefore, over time the products will rarely be completely straight and may therefore bend to a lesser extent.

Do you have a question?

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