• Cleaning

    Wipe the product with a damp cloth on the outside when the dust appears. If you use cleaning agents, remember to use a type that is intended for glass surfaces. If washing is necessary, gentle hand washing is recommended.

    Avoid coarse kitchen sponges and dishwashing brushes to reduce the risk of scratches. If scrubbed too hard, color changes and scratches may occur.

  • Limescale removal

    One of the most well-known challenges with glassware is lime stains and glass plague. As lime is found naturally in water, it can be difficult to avoid white lime stains, e.g. at the bottom of vases which have often been standing with water.


    If a scale coating occurs at the bottom of your glass product, we recommend one of the following methods:

    A. Mix warm water with a few tsp. baking soda and leave it overnight

    B. Pour a few tbsp. rice (uncooked) in the vase and add 2 dl household vinegar - Shake the mixture thoroughly and repeat a few times. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards

    C. Cover the calcified bottom with pure lemon juice and let it work for approx. 10 hours depending on the amount of lime. Rinse well with clean water afterwards.

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