Mor og datter, Pia og Thea Christence bag designvirksomheden Stences

The faces behind the family business

Behind the company are mother and daughter, Pia and Thea. With a shared dream to create something together and Thea's background in and love for the design industry, Stences became a reality in 2020. The creative and visual part of the company is handled by Thea. She designs all products from the first hand sketch to the finished working drawing. At the same time, she is responsible for Stence's visual expression and universe.

As a counterpart to the creative, Pia is the company's structured head, who makes sure to keep track of all loose ends.

Are you wondering about the name Stences? Stences is a shortened version of our common middle name "Christence" named after Pia's grandmother, who was actually called Stenze as a first name.

With a strong awareness of and sense of contemporary and future trends, we design relevant products that twist the classic Nordic design.

Farverig indretning med interiørprodukter i dansk design - Stences

We dream that every home should have a very special atmosphere.

Home is not just the place we live. It should be the safe base that forms the framework for the good life.

That is exactly why we would like to help make the home a nice place to be - and not least to look at. We hope and believe that we can with our colorful housing universe.

Organisk formet brun keramikvase med rillet tekstur - Stences

Who says the opening of a vase has to be round?

Perhaps it is the easiest way to make the flower bouquet look neat. But what happens if the opening is elongated or perhaps even a completely new, organic shape? It opens up a new world of possibilities for how the flowers can fall out to different sides and form a completely new expression. This is exactly what we want with our products. Explore and challenge.

Most of all, we design based on gut feeling, and we never compromise ourselves to hit a trend.

  • Bølgepap var inspiration til Wrap Vase - Stences


    The idea for a new product can arise in thousands of ways. We see shapes and colors everywhere. Beautiful architecture, the waves of the sea or something else entirely. A fun example is the Wrap Vase. The idea came about by chance one day when Thea was sitting with a piece of corrugated cardboard and had suddenly shaped what she saw as a vase. Maybe you can see the similarity?

  • Outline tegning af Lake glasvase - Stences

    Danish design

    The design process starts with sketching by hand with pencil and paper. When the idea takes shape, the design is digitally drawn and rendered. All details such as dimensions, material etc. are specified in a working drawing, which is sent to one of our permanent suppliers, who prepares a prototype. We are proud to design all our products ourselves.

  • Specialdesignet stålform til håndlavet, mundblæst glasvase - Stences

    Handmade production

    We are proud to have a close and trusting collaboration with our skilled suppliers, who handcraft all our products based on our crazy ideas. For example, most of our glass products are mouth blown into a steel mold, which is specially made based on our design. The breathtaking process is long, but is also precisely what makes each product unique.