Make your flowers live longer with these 8 tips

Fresh flowers are such a brilliant way to add a touch of spring freshness to your home. We all know the challenge of keeping them alive and fresh, and they tend to look tired within a few days. Here are our 8 greatest tips on how to keep your flowers fresh for as long time as possible.

Stences Curve glasvase med friske tulipaner

The timeless Curve glass vase is perfect for fresh tulips


1. Make sure that your vase is clean

Before pouring water into your vase, it is a good idea to make sure that it is all clean. Dust easily appears inside your vase, especially if you normally display it outside a cabinet. Wipe off the inside with a damp microfiber cloth before adding your water.

2. Remove the lower leaves on the stems

Leaves left under water will give off bacteria and therefore tend to rot quickly. We therefore recommend to remove the lower leaves before placing them in water. This will also ive your bouquet a lighter expression, where the flowers themselves will remain in focus. If your bouquet contains roses, you do not have to remove the thorns.

3. Give the stems an angle cut

A great tip on extending the life of your flowers is to individually cut each stem on a 45-degree angle. The angled will increase the surface area, allowing the flowers to absorb more water than with a regular cut.

Always use sharp kitchen shears or a sterile knife. Using dull tools will squish the stem, which will hinder its ability to uptake an adequate amount of water.


Wrap Keramikvase i mørkebrun - Stences

The chocolate brown Wrap ceramic vase looks magical with a large bouquet of colourful flowers.


4. Change the water often or even on a daily basis

Change the water entirely every 2-3 days or even on a daily basis. You may already know that flowers suck up a lot of water. It is not uncommon for a large flower arrangement to drink up all the water in a vase within the 1-2 days that you have it at home. Make sure that your vase is full of clean water to ensure the flowers do not dry out and wilt.


5. Choose flowers that are in-season

There are tons of benefits from buying flowers in-season, whether they are for are for a party, a bouquet for a loved one, or any other purpose. Flowers look most beautiful when they're in season, and a bonus is that they're often also much more affordable.

Just like with fruit and vegetables, the quality of in-season products tend to be better and will stay fresh for longer. Also they will naturally thrive better in the current temperatures. If you don't know which flowers are best to choose, we recommend to ask your local florist.

Stences Repeat glasvase med friske valmuer

Poppies fit perfectly in the handmade, blue Repeat glass vase.


6. Avoid direct sun

Of course it is beautiful, when sunlight hits your flower arrangement. Unfortunately this will make the flowers bloom faster, and your bouquet will therefore have a shorter life. You should know that the same goes for flowers placed nearby a source of warmth, for example a warm radiator.


7. Avoid the cold wind

Just like warm surroundings affect the life of your bouquet, so does the cold wind. If you place the flowers e.g. near an open window during the winter period, the stems may be damaged.

8. Place flowers away from fresh fruit

A tip that may surprise you is to avoid placing your flowers near fresh fruit. The substance ethylene, which is found in fresh fruit, will ripen the flowers and maybe give them a shorter life.
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