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In Formland's entrepreneurial area Creators Community, those new to the industry get a place to show what they can do. Here you will meet two of the exhibition area's 42 budding companies, Stences and Lili Lamps, and learn, among other things, how they work with sustainability.


Pia Christence Rasmussen & Thea Christence Bækkelund, founders


What is the story behind Stences?

In 2020, a common dream to create and run something together as a family became the starting point for Stences. A very special year that offered one bad news after another. But also a year with a lot of time at home. Time that turned into good conversations filled with ideas. Including the idea to create our own design company.

Behind the company are mother and daughter, Pia and Thea. Thea, who is creatively responsible, previously worked as a designer in the industry, but dreamed of setting the agenda for her design herself. At the same time, Pia had a dream of running something together as a family. Together, we dream that every home should have a very special atmosphere. That is precisely why we want to help make the home a nice place to be - and not least to look at. We hope and believe that we can do that with our housing universe.


What characterizes the brand's design?

Who says the opening of a vase has to be round? Perhaps it is the easiest way to make the flower bouquet look neat. But what happens if the opening is elongated or perhaps even a completely new, organic shape? It opens up a new world of possibilities for how the flowers can fall out to different sides and form a completely new expression. This is exactly what we want with our products: explore and challenge. All products are our own unique designs, which are on a long journey from the first curled hand sketch to the finished product. Most of all, we design based on gut feeling and never compromise with ourselves to hit a trend.

Our designs like to be full of contrasts, where we explore what happens when you juxtapose sharp, graphic shapes against a soft, organic look. At the same time, we are extremely fond of color and like to experiment with new color combinations. For us, the most important thing is that, especially in the idea phase, we do not set limits for ourselves, but basically think that everything is possible.


How do you relate to sustainability?

As a design company, we have a responsibility to think about the footprint we leave on the environment. We strive to design products that can last for many years both in terms of expression and quality. In addition, we work with materials which, if treated properly, more or less have a lifetime durability. All products are developed in close and respectful cooperation with our suppliers.

We focus on 'little but good'. This means that our collections are relatively small, so that we avoid overproduction as far as possible. At the same time, we have laid out a strategy for how we avoid waste products as far as possible, so that, for example, 2nd sorting goods are not produced in vain. Packaging is reused as much as possible to reduce unnecessary material waste.


Why have you chosen to exhibit under Formland?

Formland is an obvious opportunity for us to get out and present our collection to new potential customers. We hope to meet exciting design shops and webshops, who will hopefully be as excited about our products as we are.

We want to be a personal company with good relations with our partners, and here Formland is an obvious place to meet face-to-face with both current and new customers. We know Formland as a fantastic source of inspiration , and now we hope to be among those who inspire others.


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