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By Nana Mathilde Mortensen

Stences is a shared dream that has come true between mother and daughter.

Shapes, expressions and colors are played with in the interior design of the newly established design company Stences. The undulating and purple Repeat Vase in glass, for example, is a good example of this.

"Its oval shape gives it different expressions, depending on how you turn it, and it gives a splash of color at home", says Thea Christence Bækkelund, designer and owner of Stences.

The company's home universe consists of vases, pot holders and candlesticks, all of which must give a twist to the Nordic home.

"One's home must be a great place to be, and we want to make it an experience to be in one's own home", she explains.

A family business

The company was founded at the home of Thea Christence Bækkelund's parents in Holstebro during the corona shutdown.

"We started in the autumn of 2020 with the first fledgling thoughts, when we as a family started talking about the fact that we wanted to create something together", she says and continues:

"It is my dream to create a housing universe, and my mother's dream to do something together as a family".

With an education as a graphic designer and an innate creative gene, Thea Christence Bækkelund takes care of the creative part, and her mother, Pia Christence Rasmussen, is the structured octopus, it says with a twinkle in her eye.

Taking some chances

It is intended that the products from Stences should be able to fit into different homes, and this is also why the range includes glass, ceramics, chrome and oak.

"We want to create a universe that is changeable, where we try to be both timeless and take some chances"

- Thea Christence Bækkelund.

She elaborates that it is especially the design and the work with contrasts that make Stences something special. Among other things, she highlights the sand-coloured pot hider " Silhouette Pot ".

"You don't often see a potty hider that is anything other than round. Maybe it's to make it practical, since all plants come in a round shape. But the easy solution is not always the interesting one”.

Silhouette Pot Stences

The Silhouette Pot comes with a saucer in the same shape, and the two-piece set is in ceramic with a plain matte glaze. The organic shape distinguishes it from the typical potting shed, and the shape in itself helps to form a decorative object for the home.

Thea Christence Bækkelund gets her inspiration for her designs in several places. Sometimes it can take a long time before the design is right in the cupboard - but other times it has been right in front of her all along. And this is exactly what happened with the Wrap Vase :

"I was sitting with a piece of corrugated cardboard and playing with the design, and all of a sudden I could see that this is the vase", she says enthusiastically.

Once again, Thea Christence Bækkelund challenges the ordinary round vase. With thoughts that just lead to corrugated cardboard with the grooves and color of the vase. The vase with a height of 26.5 cm is made of ceramic with a matt dark brown glaze. The idea behind the vase is that the flowers in it take on a different expression than when they are in a round vase, and you can arrange them in a different way.

"It will be a wild flower bed", she smiles.

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